Bishop Blue interview on Shazam

Yes ,

We can not believe it either.

Damon from Bishop Blue was interviewed alongside Scarlett Cole to talk about the collaboration. The Book 'The Purest Hook' 

and the song 'Living Without you'  was a joint…

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Fabiola Chenet Book Cover Reveal

Hello , Did everyone see on our Facebook page that the Author Fabiola Chenet of which we have collaborated with revealed the front cover last week.

 Bishop Blue are so proud to have written original lyrics for this book…

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New Annoucnment 


We sincerely hope everyone had amazing holiday and not to upset about stating back at work. 
We at the bishop blue camp announced a project this week,we will be partnering with Fabiola Chenet and Heloise Cordelles both French…

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BLOG POST - On our travels

Last weekend all three of us had the distinct pleasure of visiting the south coast of England, in particular the seaside town of Brighton. As some of you may know we are involved with a choir that travel with the punk band…

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Glory is Heaven - The truth behind the song

Christmas 2014. 

“I am feeling weary and frustrated at the world, working at that job I do not like, being around people who make me question my place in the world. My saviour, my therapy is always music and…

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The whole of the Bishop Blue team are excited to announce the official release date for the new single. Glory is Heaven.

'Glory is Heaven' is the first track to be released off the debut record 'Memories and Me'.

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